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How to Get Fit Without Leaving Your House.

If you have decided to get into shape but do not want to do it outside the comfort of your own home. Then this is the guide for you. Below we will be discussing step-by step-every single approach that you can take to get fit without ever having to step outside.

How to Get Fit Without Leaving Your House.

1.Start Eating Healthy

This might seem like a no-brainer, but seriously, start eating healthy. You do not have to do it all the time but incorporate it into your diet as much as possible. It’s only going to benefit both your physical health as well as your fitness endeavors. Start adding more protein to your diet. Consume more low-calorie fruits and vegetables. Eat fibrous foods from clean food sources. However, limit your intake of healthy foods that might be fats like avocados, nuts as they are calorically dense and can instead make you gain weight. This includes sauces and condiments like BBQ sauce, Ranch, Ketchup etc. You can get their low calorie versions as well. So, you do not need to sacrifice what you love. If you need a list of what foods to eat for more protein  or to lose weight. We have got you covered in that as well. Best Foods for weight loss & Top 10 protein-rich foods.

2.Get Your Maintenance Calories

Now you might have heard it everywhere  “It’s calories in and calories out”. Yes, this is true. But hardly anyone guides you properly without selling you something on the side. Let me explain the concept to you so that you do not need anyone to do it for you. Whatever you eat has calories. The calories of any product can be found on it’s nutritional label. So, in this time and age. It’s extremely easy to know the calories of things you consume. However, there are things that need to be measured on a food scale and get their calories per gram. But you can use applications like MyFitnessPal for rough estimates of that or just scan their barcode with the app.

Now to calculate your maintenance calories, all you need to do is visit any website of choice or you can go to Enter your age, height, weight etc. Get an estimated number of what your maintenance calories are.

3. The Calorie Deficit

This is the most important part of losing weight whether you plan to workout or not. How a calorie deficit works is. Let’s say you get 2000 calories per day as your maintenance calories. Now if you eat 250 calories less and now are left with 1800 calories. The calorie deficit is 250. This will allow you to lose weight. This is all it takes. The rest are just things you can do to aid weight-loss. A single kg of fat is 7,700 calories. So, over a 30-day period with this miniscule change, that is just 250 (equaling to 7,500) calories a day. You have burned almost one kg of fat or 2 pounds of fat.

The normal calorie deficit range is 250-500 per day. However, these  can differ for every individual, but it’s safer to stay within these ranges and what makes you feel less hungrier and have more energy. Those two things are an excellent indicator of whether your deficit is more than you can bear. A week of a certain deficit is enough to know if you can stick with it for life.

4.Put On Muscle

Muscle just like any other thing on your body requires calories to maintain itself. When you have more muscle on your frame. Your bodies caloric demands are also increased due to the extra muscle you now have on you. You can do things like push-ups, squats, shoulders, back, legs, biceps and triceps all at home. Now the choice is yours. If you can get a pair of moderately heavy dumbbells. That you can lift but with normal difficulty. not too difficult or too easy.

You can do more than half the exercises you would do at the gym and home with no issues at all. You can get a pair of dumbbells or anything that resembles the weight and grip and start working out right away. For a push-up related chest workout and how you can increase your chest size with push-ups alone. 5-ways-you-can-increase-your-push-ups-fast (no dumbbells). If using dumbbells you can visit these for a list of workouts that you can do both at home or at the gym. top-exercises-for-building-muscle-at-the-gym-or-home


Both muscle and cardio are optional, yes. But if you want to get fit faster  and not have to starve yourself, then you end up binging later.  One of both of these approaches can help you eat reasonably while burning fat. Since your calories are 1800 right now and you’re already doing resistance training to build muscle. Adding LISS cardio to this can help you burn more fat. Hence, increasing your calorie deficit further. So, you are eating just 200 calories less, but these two approaches have now allowed you to burn up to 400-500 calories per day. Which is the max recommended range. Which is 15,000 calories, burning 2 kg’s of fat or 4.4 pounds of fat a month. That is no small feat.

Avoid HIIT cardio

Do not attempt HIIT cardio, especially when you are already in a calorie deficit and resistance training. Your body cannot recover from both HIIT cardio as well as resistance training, especially if done the same day. If you love to do it, do it the next day. Not the same day as your weight training sessions. This will ensure you are properly recovered to perform the next day.

However, HIIT does not burn more calories. That is also a pretense. It’s good for increasing your endurance and metabolism and that’s about it. The resistance training you’re doing already increases the metabolism. You do not need to train endurance for weight loss. LISS cardio, on the other hand, can be done on the same day with weight training but after your done with weight training or at a separate time during the day. Click Here to find out more about LISS VS HIIT cardio.

LISS cardio at home includes walking in place, jogging in place, climbing stairs,  any movement that you can for longer periods of time without being exhausted as long as it is similar to what was mentioned above.


  • Eat Healthy and from clean food sources, But Do not start eating fats just because they are healthy
  • The calories is what decides how much weight you lose. Hence sticking to lower calorie foods makes it easier to eat more instead of eating less of high-calorie foods.
  • The calorie deficit can be a double-edged sword if taken to an extreme. Your body can induce binges if you starve yourself due to a severe calorie deficit that may be more than 500 calories.
  • Muscle mass is a an excellent to when it comes to maintaining weight loss and build strength. It is a long-term investment.
  • Cardio is transactional, If you do it everyday you burn calories everyday. The moment you stop. So does the benefits instantly.

If you like what you read or have any questions. You can leave them in the comment box below.

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