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Calcium supplements are one of the most consumed supplements in the world. It’s supply and demand which results in overpriced or cheaply made supplements which are bad for you no matter how you look at it. Supplementation can be a useful tool, but when you can choose to do it the natural way, it is free of chemicals, preservatives as well as other fillers that go into the making of these supplements. Why shouldn’t you?

Natural & Cheap

One of the cheapest and natural ways to add calcium to your diet is to save those eggshells and make your own calcium powder from eggshells that you would throw away anyway. Arnold was on to something when he ate an egg with its shell. However, for safety reasons, it’s best to follow the proper process and not eat the shells raw.

Calcium Powder From Eggshells

Why Eggshells For Calcium?

Eggshells have been consumed for centuries by humans and animals to survive and for good reason. Even now to this day. It’s a consumed in rural sub-Saharan Africa (1) As well as in Asia. The level of calcium just a teaspoon can provide is enough for what our body needs for a day. However, keep in mind that bacteria can just as easily be found on the outer layer of eggshells. It’s better to get rid of that first.

There are multiple studies done on the effect of calcium on bone regeneration and density. Calcium powder made from eggshells has positive effects on bone and cartilage, which can help against bone density degradation due to age, as well as in prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.(2)

Calcium Powder From Eggshells

Easy To Consume

A teaspoon of calcium powder made from eggshells contains 90% of your daily calcium requirement. Add to that the fact that it’s a tasteless and odorless powder that you can add to anything at all. Whether it is a dish or a smoothie or a protein shake even. Calcium from eggshells is non-intrusive, easily digestible by the body and is more bio-available when compared to pure calcium carbonate. Meaning it’s easier for your body to absorb more of it and actually benefit you.

Calcium Powder From Eggshells

Essential for Building muscle

There is a reason eggs are a bodybuilding staple. Both the egg and its shell are beneficial when it comes to building muscles. Calcium is not optional when it comes to building muscle. In fact, low calcium levels can negatively impact muscle mass, resulting in muscle loss at an accelerated rate both for men and women. Consuming enough calcium can help you prevent as well as treat sarcopenia, which is an age-related muscle degeneration that can reduce physical mobility drastically as you keep aging.

Calcium effects your bones, cartilage as well as the nerve impulses from the brain. Consuming enough calcium can make it easier for your muscles to contract. This makes workouts more efficient and muscle contractions easier as calcium is released when a muscle is stimulated. Muscle contraction is an important factor when it comes to reaching muscle hypotrophy for muscle growth. To know more about muscle hypotrophy click here .


Making your own calcium powder is one of the easiest things you can ever make. All you need is eggshells from a chicken egg. Eggs are a staple in most diets and the shells always get thrown away. Save those shells in a plastic bag. Once you have enough shells. You can start making your own calcium supplement.

  • Start by adding your shells to boiling water. (water should be boiling before you throw your eggshells in.)
  • Skim the foam off of the water as the shells boil and remove after 15 mins of boiling.
  • Take your eggshells out and then place them on top of parchment paper on a baking tray and place it in the oven that is already pre-heated to 200F and bake for 15–30 minutes until they are dry.
  • You can grind them into powder using a pestle and mortar, coffee grinder, blender. Just make sure it’s completely pulverized.
  • Now add the powder to a airtight jar and it will last you up to 1-3 months.

That’s it. That’s all you need to do to make your own calcium powder from eggshells, and it requires the least amount of effort. Please note: It is necessary to boil the eggshells to remove the bacteria from the shells for food safety purposes. You can place the eggshells in a zip lock and then place them in a freezer. The temperature will ensure most of the bacteria is gone even before you boil the eggshells.




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