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Walking 10000 steps

Walking is one thing that both doctors and fitness instructors agree with as far as physical & mental health goes. It’s something that everyone can do regardless of age or athletic ability. It’s the least taxing and exhausting thing that anyone can do, no matter what weight they might currently be. Walking 10000 steps a day can seem like too much but once you are done here. It won’t seem that way. Walking is the easiest and fastest way to lose weight apart from dieting, which can actually help you burn more fat.

So, how can you walk more? What can you do to burn 400–500 calories every day with ease? Walking 10,000 steps every day can easily help you do that. The heavier you are. The more calories you burn, your weight will act as additional resistance for your body to push around. Thus, burning more than 500 calories even. It’s a win-win situation for people of all weights and sizes when it comes to weight loss.

Walking 10000 steps

How Long Does it take

The first question that people wonder is how long walking 10000 steps takes. The direct answer is 1 hour 40 minutes or less, depending on what pace you walk at. It can easily take an hour even. However, before you say “It’s too much, or I don’t have the time”. Think about this. That’s all it takes to get you closer to the physique you want. The diet does play an important role.

However, how many times have you dieted and just not seen that change? Or have dieted so strict that you end up binging later. Walking 10000 steps will help you tremendously with fixing both. It’s not strenuous nor is it hard. Hell, you can watch movies while doing it, since all of us have smartphones now. I would argue it’s the easiest thing you can do.

Walking 10000 steps

Break The Steps Down

Now, I know a lot of people suffer from ADHD and can’t do just a single thing for an hour and 40 mins. Let’s fix that. Let’s break the steps down. You can either do 5 session (20 mins each). That’s just 20 mins five times a day. If you’re watching a Netflix series, that’s 40 mins per episode, give or take, right? Walk while watching. You won’t even know when time passes. If you go all 40 that’s almost half the goal for the day achieved. (if you do 40 that’s 40+40+20= 3 sessions only per day)

Now, If you’re into anime, if a single episode is 25 mins, minus the 5 mins of the intro and outro of each episode. That’s 20 mins done with ease. You don’t even have to leave the house at all. Now what can be an easier workout than this? Watch five episodes and there you have it. You just got done walking 10000 steps.

Now, if you’re someone who is constantly working, let’s say in an office and hardly have time to watch anything. You can easily be walking 10,000 steps per day as well. Depending on whether your job is sedentary or demanding. You can even go upwards of 20,000 steps per day, which is almost 1000 calories burned per day.

Walking 10000 steps

Daily Habits That Can Burn More Calories

Now, if you either work at a desk every day and can’t manage to walk 10000 steps every day. Or, if you’re someone who can’t just get those extra 40 mins after an hour of walking. You can easily add these things to your daily routine without even realizing it. You will easily be walking 10000 steps everyday or more in some cases as well.

The key is to add it to your daily routine in such a way that it does not feel like a chore.

  • Walking at a faster pace. This is such an undervalued practice that hardly anyone applies. Walking at a faster pace will not only get you to your destination quicker but will allow you to burn more calories in the same amount of time. Those 400-500 can easily be 600 depending on your walking pace.
  • Music. Music is an essential tool when it comes to walking. Put those earbuds, headphones or your preferred device in. This can easily help you on your walks. Both when you’re on a jog or going to work from the bus stop. The goal is to enjoy the moment and not make the walk seem like the primary focus, even when it is.
  • Let’s say you take the bus to work. You can drop a stop early. There is usually a 15 mins or less distance between stops depending on where you live. That’s 15 mins in already at the start of your day. Not only, does it help get your body ready for the day and make you feel good. It helps you with your goal of losing weight.
  • Now, this is what all of us tend to avoid, unless you have a medical condition with your joints or any other health complication. You should definitely take the stairs. Those steps you take on an incline might count as one but will allow you to burn more calories just because it’s an incline. You don’t have to do it twice. Just one, while going up is enough, but the more you do it. The closer you will be towards reaching those 10,000 steps with ease.
  • If you drive to work, you can park further from your work. That’s easily 5–10 minutes from your car to your desk while going to work & leaving.
  • Walk with a straight back, head up straight, abs flexed and swing your arms (slightly) when going for walks. This will allow you to burn even more calories while walking for the same number of steps. You can even mimic “The Military’s walk” if you want.
  •  This is optional but highly recommended. Consider a fitness watch. It does not have to be expensive. Just one that tracks your steps. This makes it easier for you to just turn your wrist and see how many steps you have left or need to take. This can ease the process and ensure that you have reached your goal for the day. Some watches even come with a caloric burn estimation. However, it’s inaccurate and isn’t required.

That’s all there is and once you get used to it. You will be walking 10000 steps without even realizing it and the impact of that will be you being more physically fit and happier with your appearance. Now, if you want an extensive guide on what you can eat when dieting or what foods you can eat without worrying about calories.

Here is our list of Our Top 10 when it comes to losing weight & Things you can eat without having to worry about calories or if you’re a vegetarian

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