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Eating healthy and gaining weight

If your question is why even after eating healthy you are gaining weight? Then this is the blog for you. There are these misconceptions that eating healthy equals weight loss. Eating healthy has nothing to do with weight loss, technically speaking. Yes, having things like avocado or olive oil along with a variety of nuts is healthy. But both of them are calorically dense foods which, instead of making you lose weight, make you gain it. So what can you do if you still want to eat what you like while losing weight. Let’s get right to it

Eating Healthy

How calories add up

Eating salads with greens is also healthy and can be effective for both overall health and weight loss. What you need to observe about these green salads is, do they have croutons? calorically dense sauces like ranch? That’s added calories. Just one tablespoon of ranch dressing, which we all know is not even enough for our salads, is 73 calories.

Now add some croutons, which is, let’s say 1 cup, about roughly 30g. That’s 122 calories. Now add just a tablespoon of olive oil which is close to 120 calories. Your salad has become a meal with a whopping total of 215 calories and that’s just one tablespoon of ranch and olive oil in it. The salad with just the croutons, olive oil and ranch dressing is more calorically dense compared to  a chicken breast which is 165 kcals per 100 gram, which has a more satiating effect on your hunger.

The more you add to the salad, the more it becomes a meal that does taste delicious but makes you hungrier later. Why? The only beneficial thing for the body within that salad was the vegetables that were put in it, which had almost no calories, but just the inclusion of one tablespoon of two sauces with one tablespoon of olive oil made it over 200+ calories.

Choice matters

What to avoid and possibly substitute

Certain things have way more calories than you think. You don’t need to just cut these out but limit them or substitute some of them out for alternatives, like a low calorie ranch might not be the best tasting, but it would satisfy your taste buds without you having to turn your salad into a whole meal.

There are so many low calorie alternatives for sauces out there that now people don’t have to restrict themselves from what they love to eat. All you need to do is make smart choices and, as you move on with your journey, try to eliminate useless calories all together from your diet. Junk food and processed sugars are a prime example of that.

Avoid things that aren’t unhealthy, but just because something looks healthy does not mean it will help you lose weight, neither does it mean it wont make you gain weight. It all depends on the calories that you consume.

If your choice of drink isn’t water but coke, Pepsi, sprite etc. Substitute them with their diet versions.  Most people love coffee, but if your coffee of choice is  from places like Starbucks, meaning a coffee full of artificial flavors, creams and sugar you will end up gaining weight. Now would be the right time to make some educated choices. Coffee is an excellent source of caffeine and has a suppressing effect on hunger, but not worth it when you turn your coffee from having almost zero calories to up to 200+ calories and that too if you are being generous and thinking that you’re on a diet.

It’s just not going to help with your weight loss. If you want the various benefits, coffee has to offer along with the energy to go through your day. Drink black coffee, it’s as simple as that and if you can’t just add some low fat milk to it to make it appetizing without turning it into another calorically dense meal. Try air frying your food if you have an air fryer. If not, use as little oil as possible or substitute with a cooking spray of your preferred oil, whether it is avocado, canola or olive oil.

The moment you start making these small daily changes and start tracking your calories. You will notice how your daily calorie consumption has been reduced. That is just how these little changes add to your weight loss. This is all without having to join a gym or doing cardio.

Now if you do feel like incorporating cardio into your daily routine, Do LISS cardio as it will be easier to do and will help you burn more calories than any HIIT workout would without draining you physically. To know more about why LISS is better for you,  click the link HIIT VS LISS .

These changes to your diet are lifestyle changes and are some of the easier ones to do for life. Your not being asked to drastically change what you eat and just go on a diet that you will just get tired of sooner or later. Remember the diet you eat should be the one you can do for life, not for a period of time and end  up binging  later and starting all over again.


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