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Skinny belly fat

If you are struggling with  how you can get rid of skinny belly fat that, despite how skinny you are, you still carry fat, whether it is on your lower belly or any other place we have got you covered.

What is the explanation behind being skinny fat

The first thing you need to understand is, everyone has different amounts of fat cells in their body. To know more about fat cells in detail, click here. Since you are someone who has fewer fat cells in your body overall. That doesn’t mean your body can’t store fat. Whenever you eat in excess of what your daily maintenance calories are. Your body will store the excess calories as fat in whatever place you have more fat cells in first.

That is one of the reasons why skinny people tend to have fat in their lower belly or side (love handles). Genetics play an important role in how your body stores fat and you can’t change that. There are some skinny people that do need medical attention, mostly women, as their issues can be different for being skinny as their bodies just get rid of whatever they eat due to some health complications. Because of that, it’s always best to consult a doctor before doing anything.

If your skinny without any health complications. You’re eating more but not gaining weight just in places you don’t want. Then what you need to realize is the calories that you are eating, which are probably all junk and processed, are not a source of nutrition for your body.

That is one of the reasons for you not gaining the appropriate weight and just storing lower belly fat while being skinny. Like most junk or drinks like coke ,Pepsi or whatever it may be, your consumption is just sugars or fat. Hardly protein. Your body doesn’t know what to do with the junk sugars you just consumed so it stores it like fat as that’s how your body preserves itself, utilizing fat stores in times of need.

The lack of muscle on your frame is another big reason that you have a physique that is disproportionate in aesthetical appearance or fat distribution. The first thing for someone who is skinny  fat is to start working out.

What approaches to take to get fit

Start working out, whether it’s resistance training or home workouts. You need to build muscle and, for that, resistance training is the most optimal method. If, for some reason, you can’t go to the gym or join one. Take a few home workouts like push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups and start doing them while progressively overloading your muscles. If you can only do 5 push-ups with proper form and not one more.

The next day, try to aim for more than 5 and keep on going. That is progressive overload, in a nutshell, in home workouts. Add weights to your sit-ups by holding some heavy and squatting and so forth. Just remember you have to always do every exercise with proper form. No swinging and no hurling of weights is going to make you progress. If your someone who can join a gym.

Start going with lighter weights for a week-at least get a feel of the way the weights work. Your purpose is to build muscle, not get sore. The first few workouts you will get sore and that’s okay as you keep progressing. Any muscle you train should not be sore for more than 24 to 48 hours. That usually means that you over trained or probably just used weights that you swung for vanity’s sake. Know your limits and work on pushing them, but not because of ego.


The Training and diet approach to take

Slow down your reps with every exercise and practice time under tension and build a mind-muscle connection with your muscles. To know more about time under tension & mind-muscle connection in detail click the link (what-is-time-under-tension-how-does-it-affect-hypotrophy) & (mind-muscle-connection-how-does-it-increase-muscle-gain).

Training to failure will allow you to build more muscle and get better muscle hypotrophy, which will help you speed up the process of gaining muscle mass. Since you already have lower body weight, try eating more. By eating more, what I mean is, eat more protein and fiber. To know more about food groups and how they affect your fitness. Read (you-are-what-you-eat-how-food-affects-your-weight).


Dietary control

These food groups will allow you to build muscle and strength. Replace your junk diet with whole foods slowly. If you drink coke, switch to diet coke. Save calories and eat more protein instead. Remove candy and instant noodles from your diet as that is the most preferred junk people tend to gravitate towards. Know what you’re eating and track it and your calories.

The more you start progressing in the gym. The more calories your body will require to get stronger and the hungrier you will get and be able to put on weight, but this weight will go towards your muscles and overall physique mostly. This doesn’t mean you can’t get fat.

So do not restrict yourself but be careful and try to satiate your hunger with protein, whether it’s a whole food source or a protein powder, as your likely to eat less of it and feel full. You can use a mass gainer but I’d recommend not to. it’s just way to many sugars and calories that are processed into powder form for you to forcefully gain junk weight. try making a home-made shake if you really need to have something calorically dense to drink.

Healthy weight gainer shake

An easy recipe I would recommend which is close to a 500 to 520 calorie shake and is far better for your health can be made with:

  • blend two banana’s and an apple (kcals: 305 approx.)
  • 1 cup whole milk         (kcals: 149 approx.)
  • 1 tablespoon Honey    (kcals: 64 approx.)

All of this totals out to 518 calories but might differ based on the size of your ingredients so its an estimate of 500-520 calories. Now you can drink this once or twice a day depending on your needs and it’s way better than having a full of sugar & carbs mass gainer. Save yourself the money and calories.

Avoid using too many oils and sauces or just get lower calorie sauces for yourself. Remember, despite you being skinny, your calories have to come from whole food sources of protein and fiber. That doesn’t mean leaving carbs out of it. By all means, eat carbs specifically if your doing cardio as well, but prioritizing protein is much better.

The more you start building, the more you should track your calories, as you are supposed to eat more. Yes, but not to the point that you get fat due to bulking. Remember you have two goals one is to get rid of skinny belly fat and second to put on muscle, That’s why you should avoid going on a bulk as much as possible as it can be extremely difficult to lose weight once you get used to eating too much. Do not go from one hole to another and be conscious of your calories. Taking these approaches will help you get rid of skinny belly fat while putting on more muscle.


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