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Is it possible to lose weight while eating more? One of the common misconceptions people have is that there is a cookie-cutter way to lose weight and what one should eat. Yes, there are fundamentals to what you should be doing, like managing your calories and working out, as an example. Let’s discuss a different approach for people not wanting to eat less but more.


The logic behind losing weight and eating more

The only way to be able to eat more is to somehow burn more. So, How can you lose weight while eating more. The best way to do that is either have some muscle on your frame that constantly burns calories just to exist or do cardio. It might sound simple, but the amount of cardio that you will have to do to just eat 500 kcals more is not anything short of 10,000 steps.

This might seem like too much, but if you’re not running the whole 10,000 steps. It’s doable. So having some muscle on your frame, whether it’s challenging home-workouts (not arm or leg movements with little to no resistance) or the gym, will do you wonders in burning more calories. Resistance training is not going to be the primary factor that burns calories, but the muscle that you build over time will burn calories to survive as long as you keep working out.

How can you lose weight with different types of workouts

The two kinds of most beneficial workouts that you can do are resistance training and other cardio. Resistance training is simple but cardio has two types you can choose from based on your goals.

Now, if you’re into building muscle and HITT combined, that works as well. Although HIIT can be draining and take away from your muscle growth as your body needs to recover from every workout session, whether it be resistance training or cardio. Doing them both to failure is just going to stagnate your progress in both.

Since if you don’t do HIIT enough, it won’t be good enough as a weight-loss method in this case, as not only, do you have to be good at it to do it longer. It takes a tremendous amount of endurance to be able to do it longer than 10 minutes and on and off with 30 seconds, rest is a lot for beginners or people in general.

That’s why I would recommend choosing a LISS workout.  Click to know more about HITT and LISS in comparison to losing weight. The best solution is a 45-minute walk and build up from there. You don’t even need to run.

One of the things I would recommend is having a step tracker watch. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It will serve as your guide to how many steps you have walked each day without you having to log into anything. This doesn’t mean you can just not watch what you eat.

Yes, you can eat more, but try to eat more from protein sources such as chicken, fish, lean meats etc. You can still get an occasional treat every day or more based on how active you are. It really depends on you,  although avoid eating too much junk food if your unable to eliminate it from your diet. You can lose weight but be in an extremely unhealthy place if all you do is eat junk and burn it off. As beneficial and appetizing an approach like this might seem. It’s not supposed to be done in ignorance and without proper diet.


  • To eat more, you need to burn more if your goal is to stay lean.
  • incorporate cardio or resistance training in your daily regime or both for better results
  • Having muscle on your frame will contribute to weight loss.
  • Try doing LISS cardio if your goal is to burn fat. Only do HIIT if you enjoy it but not as a weight loss solution
  • Track your calories. What you eat and how much your burning to get an estimate of your daily intake
  • Eat more protein and fiber but add more carbs to your diet as well if your doing any sort of cardio.
  • Try to hit your goals of 10,000 steps everyday it might seem like much you will get used to it and if your just walking those steps you wont tire yourself out as much. Don’t do it in one session spread it out if you see it fit to do so.
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