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Best tips to lose weight

 What is the best diet to lose weight. Despite the modern advancements in science and technology, losing weight has just become harder and harder as the more options people have, the more confusion arises. We are long past the mindset of “drinking green tea and eating everything and, magically, you will lose weight’. Yet we are unable to succeed in doing so due to addictive fast food choices and as well as misinformation being spread around by people of influence. So what does it take to lose weight? Is it a specific type of food group? Or is exercise the  only solution?

Truth behind weight loss and fad diets

The basis for anyone trying to lose weight is calories in and calories out. The more you consume and less active you are, the more weight you’ll gain. Although true, certain medications might make it difficult or some conditions  such as hormonal balance,  or thyroid that  women more commonly, among other things, might make it difficult, but despite that. Calories in calories out will workout out for you way better than any fad diet you might want to follow,

such as OMAD(one meal a day),Keto, paleo or even as the trend is right now. Primal diet. organ meats like liver are extremely beneficial, but making a diet of organs and animal testicals as some influencers keep preaching, is going to seriously affect your health, and not in a good way.

Avoid such extremities and try to go with a balanced diet of meat, vegetables and fruits, keeping your calories in check. Although if a diet works for you even if its let’s say keto and you love it and can do it for life. Go for it. But consider taking supplements which will help you counter the deficiencies that might result from you not eating carbs on this diet. Get your bloodwork done regardless of your fitness goals to see if you are able to sustain keto or any other diet that you might enjoy if not going for a balanced one.

Why counting calories matters

Why counting calories matter

Weight  loss is quite simple as far as the science of losing weight goes. The rest just takes mindset, determination and a change in the unhealthy lifestyle of overindulgence in calorically dense food or processed food (fast food).

So it’s in your best interest to calculate the calories of everything you eat until you can just look at things and get an idea what their calories are, which is easier than people think once you get used to it. Your weight loss should be a lifestyle,  not a journey that you keep taking every two months or a year. If you want know how you can retain your weight after losing weight and not gain it back. Read how-to-lose-weight-and-keep-it-off/

Hidden calories

Hidden and  calorically dense foods

Chugging in olive oil even though it’s healthy fat will add to your calories way faster than you think. For example, one tablespoon of olive oil is roughly around 119 to 120 calories, while 100grams of chicken breast is closer to 165 calories.

The chicken breast will make you full as it takes longer to eat and is a protein, so your body burns calories to just even digest the protein itself, whereas something as healthy as olive oil, just 2 tablespoon’s of it  can

well over take you over 240 calories making olive oil a calorically dense food.

Sauces are usually calorically dense. For example, if you get the store-bought  mayonnaise, it will be around 94 calories per tablespoon. That is way more than what goes in a regular sandwich, healthy or otherwise. The same goes for ketchup and barbeque sauce. Although there are light versions of these sauces on the market available which have fewer calories. for more information on how you can create a the best diet to lose weight and  how different food effects your body and aid in weight loss. Read you-are-what-you-eat

Keep track of everything you eat, from foods to what you put in your food. Sauces and oils are the most commonly excluded things people forget to track. If you need something to track your calories on a consistent basis and

be able to log in your calories effortlessly, you can use

for android:

for IOS:


  • there is no one best diet to lose weight. the only way to do so is to track calories being on a diet you can love even if it contains elements from a fad diet.
  • Whatever your goals might be whether it is to lose weight while gaining muscle or just to be at a healthy body weight. these approaches will benefit you.
  • Complicating your weigh-loss will only serve to make it harder down the road.
  • Be precise be conscious of every kind of calorie you consume
  • working out certainly will facilitate your weight loss but if you choose not to workout the same logic applies. To know more on how you can lose weight without going to the gym
  • to know more on how you can eat more and burn it off. how-can-you-lose-weight-while-eating-more
  • if you need a step by step on how to lose skinny belly fat and build

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