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Spot reduction

There is a wide misconception spread around the internet about how people can do certain exercises, whether they are hand movements or ab workouts to spot reduce lower belly fat, arm fat or love handles.

I’m here to tell you. It’s all fake. It’s a way to take advantage of people’s problems to personal gain or influence. Below we will discuss the actual truth behind why certain parts of the body are more prone to gaining fat compared to others.

Why specific  parts of the body get heavier than the rest

If you might be wondering why I gain more weight on my thighs than anywhere else or why my arms get fat quicker than anywhere else. The truth is, it’s not your fault. Its genetics. Some people are prone to storing more fat in specific parts of their bodies. These parts have more fat cells.

Fat gets stored in these fat cells and the place with more fat cells stores more fat. No amount of hand movements or target exercise is going to spot reduce fat in any given area. You have to lose weight over all to see a change in those areas.

What can you do if spot reduction isn’t an option.

If your unaware of how you can make losing weight easier, Read (you are what you eat) & (Best tips to lose weight) on what approaches you can take to weight loss. The best way to lose stubborn thigh fat or arm fat or any such thing is to be in a calorie deficit. Eat foods you enjoy. Spot reduction is a myth and a con-man scheme to take advantage of people and their problems. Do not fall for it. There are dietary changes that you can do to help you with losing weight that will help in losing weight overall which includes the areas with more fat cells.

How can you lose weight without working out?

Prioritize eating protein and fiber to stay full with fiber as your digestion will get slower and you won’t be hungry for a longer period. Protein will help facilitate weight loss both by making you full for longer and helping you burn calories while digesting it. Not only that, the satiating effect that eating protein has will keep you full for longer. That is why what you eat matters and can make your weight loss either easy or difficult.

Avoid drinking your calories

Don’t drink your calories because liquid calories digest fast and you will get hungry faster unless it’s a protein shake from a protein powder. Don’t drink things like coffee with sugar and cream. Just drink black coffee, which will boost your metabolism and you will burn more calories. If you cant stop drinking soda’s like pepsi,coke,7-up entirely, use alternatives like diet coke, diet Pepsi or diet 7-up as the calories in the diet version is way less than what would be in their regular versions although soda of any sort isn’t healthy but its a start to losing weight until you can give them up entirely. Little changes in diet like these go a long way when losing fat.

This, in turn, will help you lose overall weight, which includes the areas you are trying to spot reduce fat. All of this is dietary changes and are completely up to you. No specific diet like keto, Paleo, Omad or carnivore will get you spot reduction. Its just calories in and calories out. Now, if you do decide to add walking or jogging with dieting, you will lose more weight without having to go to the gym at all read how-tp-lose-weight-without-going-to-the-gym/ or to know more about how calories are important. Read best-diet-to-lose-weight . To know more on how you can lose weight while eating more how-can-you-lose-weight-while-eating-more.



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