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Lose weight and build muscle at home

One of the most asked questions is, can you lose weight without going to the gym? Or without any strenuous exercise. Maybe you don’t have the time for it or just don’t want to take the body building or athletic route to weight loss. Whatever the case may be, we have got you covered.

Cardio based changes

Cardio based changes

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to incorporate cardio, like walking, jogging etc in their daily routine, which includes any of these: walking, jogging, running and the like. Skip to (How to lose weight without going to the gym or cardio). If you want to optimize your weight loss further than just dietary changes. How can you incorporate cardio into your daily routine and what kind should you incorporate?

As HIIT cardio is not for weight loss. Try other forms of cardio that can be done without going to the gym, like hiking, jogging, and walking, as they are better alternatives and not hard on the body if your goal isn’t to overexert yourself for any reason. Steady-state cardio like these can be done with ease  and for more duration, burning more calories. The longer you do a cardio based exercise, the more calories you will burn. So do exercises that don’t tire you out as easily as HIIT as your more likely to do them for longer periods of time without being fatigued.

If you can get some free weights do so. Dumbbells or anything at home similar to it in weight and shape can help you do a lot of exercises. You can utilize these free weights to build muscle while you lose weight at the same time. Although chose a weight that is challenging for you. So that you can actually build muscle. Lifting a water bottle wont do much for you in terms of muscle building.

Read HIIT cardio versus LISS cardio if you want a detailed explanation on why its better to do other types of cardio than HIIT for weight loss purposes.

 lose weight without going to the gym or cardio

As there is no secret to weight loss. Let’s dive into what you can actually do to facilitate weight loss. First of all, eat more protein (sources like poultry, lean meats, fish and eggs) to burn more calories to digest the protein itself that you ate. Along with more fiber in your diet, specifically soluble fiber(apples, beans, lentils, carrots and peas etc.), as it will digest slower while keeping you full for longer.

Don’t drink liquid calories, use alternatives to sodas like Pepsi,coke,7-up. Replace these with diet coke, diet Pepsi or diet 7-up to save on calories. It’s better to give them up, but its understandably hard to do so that suddenly, so make a small change and save some calories. Try drinking coffee in the morning  or whatever your preferred time is. As coffee is not only a stimulant and gives you energy but suppresses your appetite as well, making you less hungry, making you go longer without feeling the need to eat. Needless to say, do not add sugars and creamers to your coffee if you don’t want to turn your coffee into a calorically dense meal instead. If your someone who cannot handle caffeine. you can substitute with decaff coffee. Prioritize your health over anything else.

If your up for going on walks to further ease your weight loss. It’s recommended to do so. As not only will you lose weight, your overall heart health is positively impacted as well. It’s always advised to consult your doctor before you start doing anything health related. You don’t have to do much. The least you can try to aim for is 150 minutes of moderate intensity of physical activity a week, which can be walking or anything really based on  FDA guidelines.


(For  more weight loss tips and what food groups to eat to further facilitate your weight-loss goals. Read best-tips-to-lose weight & you-are-what-you-eat)

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