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If you’re someone looking to get rid of face fat and actually lose it, not mask it, or are tired of temporary solutions, cosmetics or procedures that people seem to be recommending, then this is the place for you. We will be talking about the “why?” and the “How” when it comes to losing face fat.

Reasons For Face Fat

Now I won’t give you bullshit reasons that are made to confuse you. Any reason you will be stated will be explained to you So, Let’s get into what causes face fat and what contributes first to understand it. Knowing about your enemy before you face them is the best way to go when it comes to face fat or anything as far as weight loss goes.

  • Genetics

Ever heard of you being more susceptible to diabetes or heart conditions because your parents or grandparents had it? That’s how fat and in this case, face fat works as well. Now, you are prone to it. It’s not a 100%. Yes, I know, there are people who naturally have a chiseled jaw when their parents didn’t. That is called a genetic lottery. Getting the good minus the bad, but it doesn’t work for everyone. In most cases, we are more prone to what our ancestors had. Both positive and negative.


  • Diet

Here comes the part nobody likes to discuss or blame or underestimate. The diet is the most impacting part of anything that is related to weight loss. Yes, there are bad and good foods based on different goals, despite what everyone says. Especially when it comes to keeping the fat off of your face, arms, thighs and belly.

Some foods make it easier for you to lose weight, while some make it impossible, while some give you a temporary bloat. The temporary bloat only goes away if you don’t eat them, right? So, if you keep eating them regularly like medicine, you have made that temporary condition permanent by choice. If you are still here, don’t worry, we will be discussing the dietary solutions below as well, but it’s crucial to understand the cause to remedy it.

  • Medical conditions

Medical conditions are an actual reason why you end up with face fat. Believe it or not, if you suffer from thyroid conditions such as “Hypothyroidism” & “Goiter”, then it gets harder for you to deal with fat, especially face fat. However, as stated, “Harder” not impossible.

If you stay in a caloric deficit and eat foods that do not affect your specific thyroid condition (fatty meats especially) and get it checked for treatment by your doctor at the same time. This can help you manage it easier than you could on your own.

Now with the major reasons out of the way. Let’s get into how you can lose face fat and what is the optimal way to do it and not end up in the same situation again.

Remedying Face fat

 The solution is more than a simple loss of weight when it is compared to losing belly fat and other areas. People prone to face fat usually retain more water in their faces and, in some cases, both fat. It can make your face look bigger in comparison to the rest of the body, especially if you are not obese in the first place, just overweight.

  • Knowing What To Eat

When it comes to losing face fat, your diet can make it impossible for you to lose it even if you do cardio or resistance training regularly as well. The reason is quite simple. “Carbohydrates” are the food group responsible for bloating that stems from the diet side of losing fat.

Most of us have been raised on things like bread, rice and other sources of carbs that are a cause of bloating due to the fermentation that they cause in the colon which releases hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane. This causes bloating throughout the body. Ever felt abdominal pain only when you eat carbs? Like your stomach is going to explode, but you only eat rice or slices of bread? That’s why. Eating too many carbs releases more of these gases into the colon and causes abdominal pain.

Cutting these foods out even for a few days (4-5) can actually significantly drop water weight from your face and overall as well. Eating fewer carbs or fewer of them can significantly effect appearance and, in most cases. Skinny fat people specifically can benefit from a low-carb or no-carb diet when trying to lose face fat. Carbs are not the enemy, but depending on what goal you are trying to achieve, they can certainly make it harder for you to achieve it.

  • Weight management

The second main reason for face fat is that you are already overweight, and you store fat in your face as well. For such a scenario, your best bet is to go on a caloric deficit (Click here if you don’t know how a deficit works).  Eating healthily is not the solution when it comes to losing weight, because sometimes we add more calories to our healthy dishes without even realizing it and get disappointed when we don’t lose fat.

So if, despite being on a healthy diet, you’re confused about why you can’t lose weight, (Click here). You can even try intermittent fasting, as it’s been known to help people lose fat and better control their cravings. All in all, anyway, you can introduce a caloric deficit in your diet, either by eating less of a food group (if it’s a trigger food for you especially) or in general. Also, as a bonus, here are 5 low calories recipes that you can add to your diet and are under 400 calories.


  • Burn it off

Now, burning off calories is as simple as it gets. If you eat less and can’t eat any less than what you are eating or subsisting on. You have another tool in your arsenal and that is either weight training or cardio. For those who cannot go through a weight training program.

Your best bet is cardio. It does not have to be HIIT cardio at all. It does not help lose weight faster. It’s good for endurance only (To know which cardio to do in detail, for example,Different Cardio for Different Goals”).  Just walking for an hour every day is 250+ calories burned off and, in some cases, is enough to introduce a caloric deficit in your diet or take it further if you are already on a deficit in the first place (Need tips on how you can walk more easily daily? Here’s How).

These are the best ways when it comes to dealing with face fat and losing over all fat in general as well. You cannot go wrong with any of these, and you will see a significant change when you actually start implementing these changes in your daily routine.

The Don’ts

There are some things you can do and some you can not. However, these things are an outright “NO” when it comes to losing face fat.

  • Fat burners

Fat burners are the new weight loss magic pill that companies have been pushing on people who have no idea how they work. They elevate your heart-rate so that you burn more calories while suppressing hunger. You know what else does that and is not all chemicals entering your body while costing hardly a fraction of the cost? Coffee.

Coffee can act as a hunger suppressant and boost energy levels as well as replace pre-workout, which is another plus when it comes to working out without costing 60-80$ for not even a month of servings (To know more about the benefits and dosages of coffee you can take. Why Coffee?).

  • Surgical or invasive cosmetic procedures

It goes without saying, but face slimming injections or any such procedures are a no-go when it comes to losing face fat. Injecting a relaxant into your face muscles to make them weaker and weaker every six month is not a good way to lose face fat.

You do not even lose it, it just relaxes the muscles and makes you feel like you did until your next appointment. Not to mention the obvious effect of injecting chemicals in your face every six months for life.

The surgical procedures that seem to burn off the fat are not safe either. They are advertised as such only. Why melt your own skin and bone for the sake of something that you can do yourself if you work hard enough on it? There is no reason to do so and it’s not worth it in the long run when the health complications start coming in. Health is wealth.

There are more than just these two when it comes to surgical and cosmetic procedures, but this is the answer to all of them. None of them are safe, and it’s just not worth it to harm yourself because of something temporary that can be fixed on your own.

  • Extreme dieting

Extreme dieting such as water fasting and the like is not worth it as well. When you do these diets you lose water weight and if you keep getting on fat as well. True, but you end up with health complications down the line and even disorders.

Binge-eating is the most common and worst of them all. Have you seen people lose weight and then gain it all back throughout the year on and off? That’s the yo-yo dieting due to binge-eating. Binge-eating is a serious condition that people seem to ignore and brush it off as saying “I dieted. Now I am listening to my body”. Sadly, it’s not true. You are listening to your hunger hormone ghrelin. Which is making you eat this much because you starved yourself. This has in turn released  a lot of ghrelin in your system. Here’s how to avoid or remedy Binge eating.

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